On The Issues

As your State Senator, I continue to focus on issues that are important to you, my constituents. Link here to view my Summer Newsletter 2016.

My priorities include:

testimony Promoting excellence in education by ensuring quality teachers, programs for high ability learners and special education students alike, and after-school programs. It’s important that every child and every school is successful.

– Investing in a vibrant economy.  The surest way to grow the economy is by leveraging the work ethic of Nebraskans and providing opportunities for education and skill building to compete in a modern economy.

Tax Fairness is important to everyone.  In my time in the legislature, I have fought for tax relief for homeowners, retirees, and working families with childcare expenses and will continue to do so.

Community safety is an essential part of the quality of life we value in Lincoln.  I’ll keep working to promote strong, safe communities and excellence in law enforcement.

Our families are always our number one priority.  I continue to work to help seniors stay in their homes and ensure that kids are safe.

– Protecting our environment through responsible public policy is vital for public health and safety and is our obligation to generations to come.

– All Nebraskans must enjoy equality before the law.

There is additional information about my work and accomplishments on my “official” website hosted on the Legislature’s website.

Working together, we can make Nebraska’s good life even better.
If there is an issue on your mind, I would like to hear about it. Please call me at (402) 802-8312 or email me at katejbolz@gmail.com.