On The Issues


As a Nebraska State Senator, I will work hard to:

- ensure quality education
- protect working families
- create opportunities for economic growth
- help our state adjust to an aging population

Family Security
When we prioritize strong schools, strong communities, and a strong economy, our families are more secure. I will work hard to balance the many needs facing our families, our children, and our seniors.

I will work to promote tax fairness for all Nebraskans. We can no longer allow for an unbalanced tax burden on middle class families and small businesses who can afford it the least. I will fight for fiscal transparency and accountability to ensure your dollars are working for you.

Quality Education
I will prioritize investment in education from kindergarten to college. Quality in K-12 education and affordability in post-secondary education are keys to assuring a strong future for young Nebraskans.

School funding is imbalanced and pushing up our property taxes. With a growing student population in our schools, we cannot stand to receive less support as we have under the current funding formula. I will advocate for a better formula which will reduce the dependence on already escalating property taxes. I will fight to protect both education and your taxes by finding common sense solutions to adjusting the current funding formula.

It is imperative that we invest to make our state more competitive. As your senator, I will support businesses and workers. Nebraska businesses cite a “skills gap” in our workforce as a barrier to economic growth. By developing initiatives that train workers for key industries such as health care and manufacturing, we can both build opportunity for workers and create economic growth in the state.

Working together, we can make Nebraska’s good life even better.
If there is an issue on your mind, I would like to hear about it. Please call me at (402) 802-8312 or email me at katejbolz@gmail.com.