#TeamBolz Action Center

November 3rd
General Countdown


Follow us on social media!

The easiest way to learn about upcoming opportunities and to share our campaign’s message is to follow us on social media. We hope you’ll both follow and share the content we send out daily! We also have a Facebook Group for our volunteer and support teams! Click here to access the Facebook Group.

Make Phone Calls for Kate!

Calling voters is one of the most effective ways to gain support! Our digital and field teams have assembled an easy guide for you to learn how to call virtually! We need callers across the district to call voters.
Want to take your calling to the next level? Consider calling your personal friends and neighbors and tell them why YOU are supporting Kate Bolz for Congress. 

Recruit Volunteers for #TeamBolz!

We can’t win this race without your support. We need supporters from every corner of the district to help out. The best part? We have a volunteer opportunity for everyone!
If you want to be highly engaged, consider phone calls or texts! If you’re busy, or prefer to take a behind-the-scenes role, consider sharing our social media posts and encouraging people to get a yard sign.
Share the volunteer sign-up form linked here and help us build our volunteer team!

Share Images on Social Media

We’ve created a resource library of images for you to share with friends and family! Click on each image to see the full graphic. You can easily download or share these on your profile! Consider including a link to our social media profiles, our website, or the grassroots contribution page: https://bit.ly/bolzgrassroots
You can also add a Facebook profile picture to your existing profile image! Click the button on the left “Profile Pic Filters.” This will take you to a page where you can find filters to apply to your profile. Search for “Kate Bolz” and you’ll find two different options (similar to the pictures below).

Write a Letter to the Editor!

THE DEADLINE TO WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR IS QUICKLY APPROACHING! GET YOURS IN NOW! Supporters of #TeamBolz have been writing letters to the editor in support of Kate’s plan for real change in Nebraska. We need your help to keep up the momentum!
Click here to write a #TeamBolz letter to the editor. Thousands of Nebraskans read our local newspapers, so just think about how many people might learn about Kate!
You don’t have to be a brilliant wordsmith — just write about what’s important to you and why you support Kate. Every personal statement counts.

Share the latest campaign videos!


Nobody thought, when we started this campaign in 2019, that “Zoom” would become a household name for our neighbors, our family and our friends. 
Nonetheless, our campaign has spent HUNDREDS of hours on Zoom. And, of course, we occasionally change the virtual background of our meetings. If you want to show off your support for #TeamBolz on Zoom, click here for instructions on how to change your background and download one these backgrounds:

Contact our volunteer team! 

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