Bolz Releases Plan to Address Mental Health Care for Military Members, Families, and Veterans

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Senator Kate Bolz, candidate for Nebraska’s First Congressional District, made the following statement today regarding mental health and military members, families, and veterans: 

“My opponent has voted to cut millions of dollars in funding in veteran’s medical services and has refused to stand up for them against the President’s latest disparaging remarks. I believe our brave men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for our country deserve better. That’s why in Washington, I’ll fight for our servicewomen and men and work with Democrats and Republicans to improve health care outcomes for Nebraska’s veterans.”

Bolz laid out her plan to improve mental health care outcomes, calling for the following:

  1. Expanding training to mental health care providers regarding evidence based practices for serving active military, national guard members, veterans and their families, including expanding access to family-centered mental health services, and ensuring adequate mandatory funding for community based mental health services. In 2019, Congressman Fortenberry voted FOR an appropriations bill that would transition the VA Choice Program from mandatory to discretionary spending, leaving it open to cuts and voted against an additional $15 million in veteran’s medical services in 2015. 
  2. Investing in research of suicide prevention to raise awareness and lower stigma for veterans and active military and national guard members seeking mental health treatment and to identify effective tailored solutions for different populations, including women and individuals with pain and/or traumatic injury. 
  3. Cutting through red tape and expanding access to the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers specifically for veterans with mental health needs so that family members can access training, respite programs, and appropriate stipends.