Fortenberry Backs Lawsuit Gutting Health Care Protections

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Lincoln, NE – The Administration filed a brief yesterday in support of the lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit, Texas v. United States, is currently before the Supreme Court.

Congressman Fortenberry has voted multiple times to support the lawsuit, including a vote to prohibit the Department of Justice from defending millions of Americans, and over 234,000 Nebraskans, from losing their health care.

“While falsely claiming to be working hard for Nebraskans, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry has been supporting the Administration’s efforts to take away health coverage from 234,000 hardworking Nebraskans through the Supreme Court,” said State Senator Kate Bolz.

“Folks in Nebraska deserve a member of Congress who will fight to protect their healthcare, not work to take it away like Congressman Fortenberry has done over his fifteen years in Congress.”