Congressional Candidate Kate Bolz Statement on Iran

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LINCOLN, NE – Congressional Candidate Kate Bolz released the following statement: 

“Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani of Iran was responsible for crimes against American troops and innocent people. He deserved to be brought to justice. However, the Administration’s decision to take action without uniting members of Congress and our international allies is of great concern. 

“The airstrikes have put our service members and other Americans in the area at risk and required the deployment of thousands of additional American troops, as Iran promises retaliation.

“This is a time when bipartisanship and unity are essential. I’m concerned that there was not any effort to gain bipartisan support for our military actions or coordination with our allies before taking this action that has escalated tensions in a dangerous region. 

“I call on our Members of Congress to ask the tough questions and do the work to build support for next steps from both political parties, the American public, and our international allies in order to prepare the United States to respond to current and future retaliatory responses from Iran. 

“I pray for our military members and their families as they continue their brave service to our country.” 

A proud 6th generation Nebraskan, Kate Bolz grew up on a family farm near Palmyra, southeast of Lincoln. She has represented south central Lincoln in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature since 2013. In the Legislature, Kate works with both Republicans and Democrats to deliver an annual balanced budget that reflects Nebraska’s priorities. Her colleagues elected her to serve as vice-chair of the Appropriations Committee, which develops that budget.

In addition to her legislative work, Kate is the former Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers, an association of community based disability service providers across the state. She is also an adjunct professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She is a Meals on Wheels Volunteer at Tabitha Health Care Systems, and an active member of both her hometown church, the Palmyra Presbyterian Church, and of First Plymouth Church in Lincoln. Kate earned her bachelor’s degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan.