Kate Bolz Calls on Congressman Fortenberry to denounce Administrations ACA Lawsuit pending before Supreme Court

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Lincoln, NE – State Senator Kate Bolz, candidate for Nebraska’s First Congressional District, called on Congressman Jeff Fortenberry to denounce the Trump Administration’s pending lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act and stand up for Nebraskan’s health care, saying:

“A global pandemic is no time to endanger the health of Nebraskans with an unnecessary legal battle. I call on Congressman Fortenberry to change his position and condemn the administration’s latest scheme to take away healthcare coverage from Nebraskans in the “California v Texas” case that is pending before the Supreme Court.

234,000 Nebraskans will lose access to health care if the case prevails, which includes 90,000 Nebraskans waiting for health care through Medicaid Expansion would lose access as well. In 2018, the majority of Nebraskans in Nebraska’s First Congressional District voted in favor of increased access to health care.

I do not believe that Congressman Fortenberry should be working so hard to steal Nebraskan’s health care coverage while the state’s DHHS is working hard in the midst of a crisis to ensure Nebraskans have access to affordable health care. Jeff Fortenberry owes it to the voters to find the courage to stand up for what’s right and protect their healthcare coverage.”

For more information, please visit katebolz.com.