Senator Kate Bolz Agrees to Two Televised Debates with Congressman Fortenberry, Renews Call for More

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Lincoln, NE – Senator Kate Bolz has agreed to participate in two televised debates with Congressman Fortenberry on October 11th and 12th. With KETV and NET hosting on those respective dates.

“I’m thrilled to debate the issues. I believe that the people of Nebraska deserve to hear from candidates.” said Bolz. “I’m glad to debate in October, but renew my call for debates in September, as vote by mail begins. Nebraskans deserve answers from Congressman Fortenberry about his votes to rip away healthcare coverage during a global pandemic without a plan to replace them. I’m committed to more public debates, and with the Congressman taking most of the month of October off from his job in Washington, I call on the Congressman to join me on the debate stage.”