Senator Kate Bolz Releases Second Television Ad Highlighting Jeff Fortenberry’s Votes Against People with Pre-Existing Conditions

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Lincoln, NE – Senator Kate Bolz, candidate for Nebraska’s First Congressional District, released her second television ad today, titled “Christine.” The ad highlights Congressman Fortenberry’s repeated votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act and endanger protections that prohibit insurance companies from cancelling the health care coverage of hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans due to a pre-existing condition.

“Jeff Fortenberry has voted against 768,000 Nebraskans with preexisting conditions.  He has voted to allow the insurance companies who give hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign the ability to cancel people’s health coverage for pre-existing conditions,” said Senator Bolz. “Health care is the number one issue to the people of Nebraska, and we want Nebraskans to know that I will put Nebraskans first and protect their health care – not vote to take it away like Congressman Fortenberry.”